Electricity Bill Savings Available in Delaware

Customers of Delmarva Power in Delaware have the ability to save a substantial amount of money on their monthly electric bills by searching for a competitive supplier. Delaware electricity choice provides consumers with the option to either pay the default standard offer service price for power supply through Delmarva or replace that price with a competitive offer. Currently, competitive suppliers are offering electricity rates that are well below the standard offer service price, resulting in an opportunity for Delaware residential customers to reduce their electricity bill in the coming months.

While Delaware has been open to electricity choice for several years, until recently it had been difficult for residents in the state to purchase their power from a competitive supplier. Few electricity suppliers were willing to go through the lengthy process of offering electricity rates in a relatively small and unproven market. Meanwhile, the neighboring state of Maryland has seen a consistent increase in both electricity supplier offers and number of customers shopping for competitive rates over the last several years. The success in Maryland has enticed some major electricity suppliers to take the leap and enter the Delaware market in recent months.

In order to entice customers to shop for the first time some suppliers are offering rates that are as much as 19% lower than the Delmarva DE standard offer service. The majority of Delmarva customers are unaware of their ability to shop for competitive power, which leaves the job of educating the market up to the suppliers. The electricity bill savings available to Delaware residential customers should help speed up the process. According to the Delaware Public Service Commission, as of the end of April 2016 only 28,198 of the 277,109 residential customers in the service area were purchasing power from a competitive supplier. While the residential switching percentage is just above 10%, the number of business customers who has switched is above 30%. Both markets are expected to see more shopping activity in the coming months and years as more competitive suppliers enter the market and provide more options for customers.

Below are current competitive prices offered in the Delmarva Delaware service area.


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