Jersey Central Power and Light

Residential electricity customers of the New Jersey utility company Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) are receiving competitive offers for the first time.

Though JCP&L has had a deregulated retail energy market for several years, electricity companies were slow to enter the market due to low JCP&L electric default rates.  JCPL sets their default rates for their roughly 972,000 electric residential customers by holding an auction the previous year.  Between 2004 and 2008 energy prices were in a consistent upswing.  This made it difficult for competitive electric companies to offer discounted rates as they were always buying in a market where the price was higher than the default rates established in previous months.

With a general downturn in electricity prices in 2010, competitive electric companies are finally able to offer residential customers attractive electricity offers.

As competition has increased in the JCPL market some electricity companies have focused their marketing efforts on promotions and sign-up bonuses.

Fixed rate offers for terms as little as 4 months and as high as 24 months with a $75 gift card can be found here.

Variable month to month rates with a $50 cashback bonus can be found here.

Fixed electric rates will protect customers from JCPL electric rate increases that are expected to occur on June 1, 2011.



On June 1, new summer default rates went into effect for all New Jersey customer s being serviced by JCPL (Jersey Central Power & Light) who are still on the utility’s price to compare default rate.

While residential competitive electric providers remain limited in the state, there are roughly two dozen competitive electric suppliers offering lower rates for commercial and industrial customers compared to the JCP&L default price to compare rate.  Business customers in the GS rate class will pay a rate of $0.115462 from June through September of 2010, and then pay $0.110205 from October 2010 through May 2011.  Current fixed competitive electric rates in the area are in the low $0.10s per KWh resulting in savings for most businesses between 8-14%.

Default rates in JCPL are derived from auctions the utility performs in previous years for the current year.  Due to lower natural gas prices, current market rates for electricity are lower than the current default rates resulting in saving opportunities for businesses.

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