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Texas electric companies are constantly competing for the market share of electricity customers throughout the state.  Electricity choice is more apparent in Texas than any other state as dozens of suppliers compete for customers in every city that is part of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.  The electricity companies are always adjusting their buying strategies so that they can lower their electricity rate offerings to customers.

Electricity customers living in Texas can choose to purchase a variety of electricity rate products.  Gone are the days when someone living in Houston or Dallas moves into an apartment and is given the local utility to call who is the sole company responsible for turning on the power.  Customers can choose fixed rates that are as short as three months to as long as three years.  They can choose an electric company who is offering a low introductory variable rate or take part in reducing their carbon footprint by choosing to purchase green energy in the form of wind power.

In addition to the many electric rate offers available, customers who take the time to shop and compare Texas electric companies can find great bonus promotions including gift cards and cash back awards.  For many Texas consumers, the ability to choose who  supplies your electricity hasn’t fully settled in.  Customers who do not shop for electricity are likely to be paying electricity rates that are anyway from 10 to 100 percent more than they can find in the competitive electric market.

When electric rate contracts expire, the customers go on a month to month rate with the electricity company they chose.  Over time these electric rates tend to creep up.  The electric companies no that there are a large number of power customers who are just going to pay their electric bill and not take the time to shop for lower electric rates.  It is important for customers to stay on top of their electric bills and keep track of when their contracts expire.  Leaving it unattended for too long can result in a much higher electricity bill than is necessary.

If you haven’t compared the Texas electric companies in awhile in your area, take the time and see how much you can save.  Find the electric rate that was charged on your last electric bill and compare it to some of these rates:

Texas Residential Electricity Prices:

All Texas Electricity Prices
Champion Energy $0.067
Introductory rate with Promos Signup Now
MxEnergy $0.099 /Kwh Low Rate Signup Now
Champion Energy $0.085/Kwh Lowest 6 Month Rate Signup Now
Washington Gas $0.0997/Kwh Wind Power Signup Now


It has been nine years since Texas first deregulated their electricity market.  When lawmakers first started toying with the idea of electric choice, they believed that energy deregulation would result in lower energy prices for consumers, improved customer service, product innovation, and increased energy jobs.  Almost a decade after the start of deregulation and all of these proposed benefits have come true.  Customers have access to dozens of Texas residential electric rates.

Over two dozen electric companies offer service in some of the biggest cities in Texas such as Dallas.  People moving to Dallas can choose electric companies based on price, length of contract, green energy options, convenience factors such as online billing options, and promotional offers.

Here are some of the more popular electric companies in Dallas TX:

Bounce Energy has a low introductory offer, easy online bill pay and energy usage access, and great promotional offers.

Green Mountain Energy offers a variety of wind energy options for those who may be willing to spend a little extra in return for doing their part to help the environment.

Champion Energy has competitive rates to go along with their award winning customer service.

With one of the most active electricity choice markets in the World, Dallas is constantly seeing new electricity companies enter the market to give Dallas consumers even more energy options.



Residential electricity customers of the New Jersey utility company Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) are receiving competitive offers for the first time.

Though JCP&L has had a deregulated retail energy market for several years, electricity companies were slow to enter the market due to low JCP&L electric default rates.  JCPL sets their default rates for their roughly 972,000 electric residential customers by holding an auction the previous year.  Between 2004 and 2008 energy prices were in a consistent upswing.  This made it difficult for competitive electric companies to offer discounted rates as they were always buying in a market where the price was higher than the default rates established in previous months.

With a general downturn in electricity prices in 2010, competitive electric companies are finally able to offer residential customers attractive electricity offers.

As competition has increased in the JCPL market some electricity companies have focused their marketing efforts on promotions and sign-up bonuses.

Fixed rate offers for terms as little as 4 months and as high as 24 months with a $75 gift card can be found here.

Variable month to month rates with a $50 cashback bonus can be found here.

Fixed electric rates will protect customers from JCPL electric rate increases that are expected to occur on June 1, 2011.



PSEG electricity customers can save money on the supply portion of their electric bill by buying their power from an alternative supplier.  PSEG default electric rates, labeled Basic Generation Service (BGS) by the state of New Jersey, are currently higher than some competitive offers.

The delivery portion of the bill remains regulated and serviced by PSE&G.  Some electric companies offer dual billing in which you receive one bill from PSEG Energy for the delivery portion, and a separate bill for the supply charges from the alternative electricity company.

The more popular choice is to receive single, or consolidated, billing where you get one bill per month from PSEG.  On the PSEG electric bill the delivery charges would remain the same, and the supply charges would be that of the alternative electric supplier who you sign a contract with.

PSE&G posts the total “Price to Compare” at the bottom of the electric bill even after a customer has chosen an alternative electric supplier to provide electricity.  By doing this, a customer can see how much money they are actually saving every month.

PSEG electricity customers on default service will pay $0.11481 per KWh from now until the end of May 2011.  They will then pay about $0.1200 (depending on their total usage) in the summer months of June through September.

PSEG customers can save money by choosing:



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