Switch Connecticut Eversource Suppliers to Avoid Rate Increase

Switching to an alternative electricity supplier is proving to be a smart move for residential customers of Eversource Energy in Connecticut, formerly named Connecticut Light & Power. In January Eversource Energy raised their generation service rate for their residential pool of customers by 16%, an increase that consumers will start to notice when their February electric bills arrive. The generation service rate is the default price for electricity generation supply that Eversource Energy charges their customers who do not switch to a competitive electricity supplier. The new generation service rate, which went into effect on January 1, 2015, went up to $0.09555 from the previous rate of $0.08228 that had been in effect since July 1, 2015.

Competitive Connecticut electricity prices are coming in below the Eversource Energy basic service rate, resulting in opportunities for consumers to save money. Switching electricity suppliers causes the competitive supplier’s rate for electricity to replace the default generation service rate. Switching electricity suppliers in Connecticut does not affect the quality of the power that the customer receives. Even though customers can switch away from Eversource Energy for their electricity generation, they are unable to leave Eversource Energy as their utility, or power delivery, company.

Taking the time to switch Connecticut electricity suppliers is an easy process that can result in large savings. The actual electric switch process is seamless as no maintenance people need to come to the home to enact the change. Everything involved in the switch process happens through computers without any interruption in power service. Compare competitive offers to the Connecticut Eversource default price below from suppliers who are licensed to sell electricity in the state of Connecticut.


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