Rates to Go Up in PECO Area

After having seeing a significant rate drop on electricity prices for the summer, PECO electric customers were surprised to learn that their power generation rates are expected to go back up in October. PECO Energy announced the expected rate increase, which will last through the end of the year, on their website in July. The finalized actual rates should be posted in August, but for now the increase will raise generation supply charges by over 18% on the PECO electric bill.

Fortunately customers can get a lower PECO bill by shopping for competitive electric rates through alternative energy suppliers. PECO Energy, who delivers power to the Philadelphia region in southeast Pennsylvania, charges customers who have not selected a competitive supplier a default electric rate. The default rates include the charges on the bill for generation and transmission. When consumers use their right to shop the market and select a lower electric rate, the competitive rate replaces the default generation and transmission charges on the bill.

Customers who have locked in low fixed electricity prices in previous months will not be effected by the PECO rate increase in October. The Pennsylvania electricity market gives consumers the ability to take control of their electric bill. Those consumers who have embraced competitive electricity are reaping the benefits while those who have shied away are paying more to power their homes than they need to. News of the PECO rate increase should provide a reason for many first time shoppers to explore the competitive market and find a low electricity rate.


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