PP&L Comparison Shopping Allows Customers to Avoid Summer 2017 Rate Jump

Consumer energy price comparison site Electricrate.com is urging more than 700,000 residential customers living in central Pennsylvania to take five minutes to shop and compare competitive electricity rates. These customers are facing an electricity generation rate increase of 14.17% by PP&L, the Pennsylvania electric utility who delivers power to the central part of the state in including the major cities of Harrisburg and Lancaster. The higher prices will effect customers who are on the PP&L default rate for generation electricity, meaning that they have not entered into agreements with competitive PP&L electricity suppliers.

While 43% of PP&L residential customers are purchasing power from a competitive supplier, the remaining have not taken the time to do so resulting them to pay a high default rate through the utility. Many of these customers are surprised to learn that they can easily lower their monthly PP&L electric bill by simply choosing a competitive supplier who is offering a low fixed electricity rate. Selecting a rate plan by a competitive supplier causes the contractual rate to replace the PP&L default rate. When a customer chooses a competitive rate plan that is lower than the default plan, the PP&L electric bill is lowered as a result. ElectricRate.com currently has nine rate plans that are offering double digit percentage savings against the default price.

The price jump went into effect on June 1, 2017 and will start to show up for the first time on the PP&L electric bill in late July and early August. Customers can avoid the price increase, and even bring the price they pay for power below to what PP&L was charging in May by comparing PP&L competitive electricity prices.


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