PECO Gas Customers Have Choices

The competitive natural gas market is heating up in southeast Pennsylvania as PECO gas customers are learning that they have choices when it comes to who supplies them with gas to heat their homes this winter. Energy choice awareness picked up tremendously in 2012 in the PECO electric territory as 33% of the residential market bought their power from competitive electricity companies. This year natural gas shopping could have similar participation.

The PECO Gas price to compare, the default rate that PECO customers pay for gas service who do not shop for competitive rates, changes every three months. Currently natural gas prices are low compared to their historic averages. This presents a good buying opportunity for homeowners who want to lock in a low fixed gas rate for a year to protect themselves from potential gas rate increases.

As has been the case with electric choice, many competitive gas suppliers are offering incentives for customers to make the switch including cash back and gift cards. Ultimately price should be the most important thing when shopping for lower PECO gas rates, however getting a free gift never hurts!

Below are some competitive PECO gas rates available now. All rates are update daily and we will add offers as we receive them. Happy gas shopping!


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