PECO Electric Rate Increase

PECO Energy is a utility company who delivers electricity to 1.6 million customers in Pennsylvania.  On January 1, 2011 they will be increasing their rates by about 10%.

January 1, 2011 marks the expiration of rate caps that were enacted in 1997.  PECO energy customers will more than likely also see their generation rates increase as the capped rates expire and they move to PECO electric generation default rates.  Customers will be able to find lower generation electric rates with other electric companies.

It is important for people to understand that PECO Energy is still a regulated company.  PECO is responsible for the delivery of power to their customers, but they are not responsible for offering low generation rates.  People who wish to remain “loyal” to PECO by staying with their electric default rates are poorly misinformed.  Those who shop and buy lower electric rates with other electric companies will have lower electric bills, but they will still receive their monthly electric invoice from PECO.

PECO electricity customers will be able to offset the 10% increase that PECO is imposing on their delivery charges by shopping for lower generation electric rates, which makes up about two-thirds of the bill.

Best PECO Competitive Electricity Rates (updated daily):


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