PECO Electric Prices Drop

Electricity prices for PECO customers are set to drop in July, but not before a slight increase in June. Small power users, those who use less than 500 KWh a month, will not be effected by the June increase. The increase will only effect power users who use more than 500 KWh a month, which is normally anyone who lives in a two bedroom apartment or larger.

Consumers who use an average of 1,000 KWh a month will see their electric price drop from 10.06 cents in May to 8.9 cents in July. These electric prices are for customers who are still paying the PECO default rate and not for those paying competitive rates with alternative energy companies. While consumers paying the default rate will see their electric price drop to 8.9 cents, those willing to shop the competitive market can find low electric rates in PECO at prices below 8.0 cents.

At this point in time there is really no reason for PECO Energy customers to not shop for lower electricity prices. With over 40% of households now buying their power from competitive energy companies in PECO, the region has proved in can sustain itself in a competitive market, and customers are seeing the benefits with lower monthly electricity bills. While the PECO price to compare prices will be dropping this summer, even lower electric prices can be obtained through the Pennsylvania competitive electricity choice market.

Here are current competitive electric prices in PECO, prices are updated in real time.


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