Ohio Power Customers Get a Summer Rate Relief from Competitive Suppliers

Residential electricity customers who receive their power from AEP Ohio Power are receiving attractive price options from competitive suppliers as the summer approaches. Due to a recent widening gap between the Ohio Power generation default rate and competitive electric rates in the area, customers can save more than 20% off of their monthly electric bills by choosing a rate plan offered by a competitive supplier. The savings potential has increased shopping activity in the AEP Ohio Power service area market.

Through Ohio electricity choice customers have the ability to shop for competitive generation and transmission rates from alternative suppliers while still receiving the power and monthly electric bill through their local utility such as AEP Ohio Power. AEP Ohio Power continues to deliver power to their customers and charges a regulated delivery charge for this service. The deliver charge is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and does not change based on whether a customer chooses a competitive supplier or not. Customers who do not choose a competitive electricity plan pay a default rate for generation and transmission service offered by AEP Ohio Power.

The AEP Ohio Power default rate has recently risen to $0.0907 cents at the same time competitive rates are being offered in the $0.065 to $0.08 range. This gives consumers who are still on the default rate an opportunity to save as much as 28.5% on their electric bills as we approach the high electricity usage summer months. This is the first time that Ohio Power residential customers have been able to save over 20% through Ohio electricity choice. The high savings amounts will likely encourage customers who had previously not paid attention to competitive rates to finally shop the market.

Below is a list of current AEP Ohio Power residential rates, all of which have been approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. If you are a AEP Columbus Southern customer please visit our AEP Columbus rate page.


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