Meted Power Companies

Power companies who have taken notice to the success of electric choice in Pennsylvania’s largest cities are now targeting the smaller towns by offering competitive rates and instant bill savings. The Metropolitan Edison Company is the fourth largest electric utility in the state of Pennsylvania delivering power to more than 550,000 power users, all of whom are outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Meted customers have seen a surge in electricity competitive rate offers as power companies continue to enter the area looking for new customers.

The competitive power companies have been successful in their marketing efforts to Meted customers. Over the last year the residential switch percentage, the number of customers who are purchasing their power from a competitive supplier in relation to the total number of Meted residential customers, has surged to 35.9% as reported by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. The Meted switch rate is actually higher than the 32% switch rate of Pennsylvania’s largest electric utility, PECO Energy, where power companies have spent more efforts on gaining customers.

Residential customers in the Meted service area are learning that can save money on their monthly Meted electric bills by shopping for competitive low electric rates. Customers who do not shop for competitive rates pay a default electric rate through Meted. Though the Meted default rate recently went down, competitive rates in the area still remain lower. The majority of power companies offering service to Meted customers offer consolidated billing which means that the customer continue to receive the same familiar electric bill from Meted even after they switch.

A list of some of the more competitive rate offerings for Meted residential customers is below. Rate offers are updated daily.


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