Lower CT Electric Bills

Though Connecticut has some of the highest utility electricity rates in the country, many Connecticut Light and Power and United Illuminating Energy customers are discovering that shopping for lower electric rates can result in lower Connecticut electric bills.

The restructuring of Connecticut’s electricity market allows energy users to choose who supplies the generation component of their electricity bill.  Those customers who do not shop and compare electricity companies remain on the CLP or UI generation default electric rates.

Connecticut Light and Power (CLP) and United Illuminating (UI) continue to control the delivery component of the bill as well as the invoicing of the electric bill itself.  Choosing an alternative energy company to supply your electricity simply results in the rate on your bill changing so that you pay less and have a lower electric bill.

Connecticut electric rate payers are finding savings for their residential homes as much as fifteen percent, while commercial and industrial electric customers are saving as much as twenty-five percent.  If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to compare electric companies and find the lowest electric rates in Connecticut.


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