Low Electric Rates in Chicago

Chicago electricity customers who are serviced by the electric utility company ComEd are finding low electric rates through the Illinois electric choice laws. For the first time Chicago residential consumers have the power to shop and compare electricity rates and companies. The results have been positive as consumers are finding savings on their electric bills between 10-20% versus the default ComEd electricity rates.

Customers who have not shopped for competitive power pay a default rate for their electricity supply on the ComEd bill. However, this default rate is passed through ComEd to other electricity companies who have won previously held auctions for the right to provide electricity generation service to default paying customers in Chicago and the rest of the ComEd territory. For this reason ComEd actually encourages their customers to shop and find lower electric rates. ComEd’s profits are derived from the delivery (distribution) charges found on the ComEd electric bill. The delivery charges remain regulated by the state of Illinois; no matter who you choose to supply your electricity generation, the delivery charges will remain the same.

Illinois electric choice is about giving the customer lower electric prices and more options including green energy, fixed pricing, and long term price protection contracts. It also requires electricity companies to give the best possible customer service as they compete for market share.

Chicago electricity customers who shop and choose alternative energy companies will continue to receive their monthly bill from ComEd. They will also still continue to call ComEd for power failures and emergencies. Electric choice in Illinois is no the end of ComEd, it has only changed the role they play in the Illinois electricity market. Whereas before they controlled all aspects of the electricity business, now they are only in the business of delivering electricity to their 3.6 million customers. If you are a ComEd customer today you will continue to be a ComEd customer even after you choose who supplier your electric generation service.

Here are some current competitive electric rate prices in the ComEd territory (updated daily):


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