Low CT Electric Rates

Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) residential customers are finding lower electric rates in the Connecticut competitive electricity market.  Many CL&P residential customers have still not switched electricity suppliers because they are unaware of the savings and benefits of shopping for low electric rates.

Many electricity customers who have not switched are not well informed on the details of the Connecticut Electricity Restructuring Act.  The act allows for CL&P and United Illuminating (UI) to continue to control the delivery of the power and the billing.  These utility companies only offer supply electricity rates as a default service.  Connecticut customers who do switch electric companies continue to receive their monthly electric bill from CL&P, or UI, but instead of paying the higher default supply electric rate, they pay the new lower rate that they signed for with the alternative electricity company.

Visit our Electricity Prices page for current electric rates in Connecticut.

Both offers can be chosen online.  The fixed electric rate will require a commitment of 6 months.  The variable rate has no commitment, however the rate can go up at anytime.  We recommend the fixed rate offer at this time.


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