Connecticut Energy Choice

Energy choice is providing savings for Connecticut electricity customers. Connecticut’s energy choice laws allow consumers to shop for competitive electricity generation rates. Currently competitive rates are being offered that are significantly lower than the local utility (CL&P, United Illuminating) generation default rates.

The utility generation default rates are set for an entire calendar year. As an electricity shopper, if you can find a competitive fixed electric rate that is lower than the default rate (see below) than you can guarantee yourself electricity bill savings. Connecticut Light & Power and The United Illuminating Power Company offer default electricity rates for consumers who are slow to learn about Connecticut energy choice.

The expenses customers pay for default service are actually passed through CL&P and United Illuminating to competitive energy companies who have bid to service the default class. Many people refuse to shop for lower electric rates because they believe that staying loyal to CL&P and United Illuminating will promote the local economy. That thought process is false as the default revenues already go towards competitive energy suppliers. The Connecticut energy choice laws have unbundled the CL&P and United Illuminating so that they now only focus on delivering the power in their regulated local utility territory. Connecticut Light & Power and The United Illuminating Company do not profit from generation supply rates, and therefor do not care if their customer’s shop for lower competitive energy rates.


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