Compare Electricity Rates in Chicago

The Illinois energy choice laws are allowing consumers to compare electricity rates in Chicago, and the results have been lower ComEd electric bills with zero downside.

Choosing to buy electricity from an alternative electricity company at lower generation electric rates than the ComEd default rates simply allows the citizens of Illinois to pay less on their monthly electric bill. When you compare electricity rates in Chicago it is important to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. For residential customers, the Illinois Commerce Commission demands that all electricity companies offer rates on the same playing field and that they include both generation and transmission. However, consumers do need to make sure that the rate they choose is fixed and not variable.

Many electricity companies offer variable rates that do not contain limits to how high the price can go. The electricity company will market their variable rate with an initial rate. This rate will only be guaranteed for the first month, after which the rate can go up immediately. On contrast, fixed electric rates will not change during the term of the contract. If the fixed rate is set at a lower price, when compared to the default rate, you are guaranteed to pay less for your electricity.

Many consumers may not want to switch electricity companies because they fear the contract. The truth is that the contract is a good thing as it protects the consumer, indicating what the electric rate will be and for how long (the term). Electing to receive power from a company without a contract will put the consumer at extreme price volatility risk. Furthermore, the Illinois Commerce Commission oversees the contract language allowed by the electricity companies. In conclusion, taking the time to compare electricity rates in Chicago will result in huge electric bill savings.


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