Cheapest Pittsburgh Electric Rates

Duquesne Light no longer offers the cheapest electric rates in Pittsburgh. The keystone state’s decision to restructure their electricity market and give consumers a choice of who supplies their home with power has pushed prices down.

Competition has allowed alternative energy companies to enter the market, offering electric rates that are cheaper than Duquesne Light rates. Duquesne Light serves as the regulated power delivery company in the Pittsburgh area. They charge utility delivery rates that are monitored by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, as well as default supply rates for Pittsburgh electricity consumers who do not take the time to shop for cheaper electric rates.

Customers in Pittsburgh looking to lower their Duquesne electric bill can to so easily by selecting a competitive electric rate from an alternative electricity company. The competitive electric rate will simply replace the Duquesne Light default rate on the bill, so if the rate is lower the customer’s bill will be less.

See updated electric rate offers below being offered in the Duquesne Light service area.


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