AEP Ohio Electricity Prices Fall due to Competition

Electricity choice is pushing prices down for the majority of residences in Ohio. Several years ago Ohio passed energy restructuring laws that allowed for competitive electricity in the state’s largest utility service areas. Those laws are now paying dividends as the number of electricity companies offering service in Ohio is increasing, as well as the number of participating energy shoppers.

The biggest electricity service area in Ohio is AEP, which includes Ohio Power and Columbus Southern Power. The utility serves over one million residential electricity customers, of which 25% are currently buying their power from a competitive energy supplier. Those who have taken the time to compare AEP Ohio electricity prices have been able to substantially reduce their electric bills. The savings have been significant reaching as high as 17% versus the AEP Ohio price to compare default rate.

As the Ohio electricity choice market continues to mature consumers can expect to see falling prices. The state is seeing the number of energy companies offering service to Ohio residences increase, giving customers more product options and lower rates. The switch percentage is above 70% for some of Ohio’s service utility areas, showing that the people of Ohio have accepted and welcomed electricity choice.

Below are competitive rates for Ohio Power and Columbus Southern Power, all prices are updated daily.


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